Learning How to Run

How a referral to a chiropractor leads to change the way I run.

It all began when I was referred to Dr. Kris Sheppard from the Runner's Academy by my coach to treat a right ankle pain.

At our first appointment, Kris reassured me that there was nothing serious with my ankle and that stretches and strength training would make it better... as well as changing my running form.

After a running assessment on the treadmill, he explained to me what should my running gait looks like and why. It all made sense.
Then he showed me a video of how I was doing. Replayed it over and over again, analyzing my gait and where I should focus my effort.
That day, I went home with exercises to practice my running form and strengthen my feet, ankles and legs.

Now, when I look back at those videos the evolution is striking.

Bear in mind it's still work in progress. And I thought I was doing it right :)

And a bit of promotion where Dr Kris explains is point of view:

Xavier Briand

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Toronto, ON
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