Navigation 101 clinic

Today, direction Ancaster for the Navigation 101 clinic organized by DontGetLost Adventure Running.

The group

Meghan, our host, explained our group of 10 people how to read a topographic map: contours, re-entrant, ditch, gully, etc.

We also went through basic techniques to navigate like:

  • finding an attack point: feature that is close to your target but easier to find;
  • spotting catching features and handrail: the first to tell you when you go to far the second to ease the navigation;
  • taking and following a compass bearing as well as aiming off.

Is that the trail?

Overall, this was a good introduction to navigation and allowed me to practice and be confident in my skills. I got to talk with our guides about race strategy, dos and don'ts and a bit of their European racing experience.
Plus the gorgeous Dundas Valley Conservation Area is definitively worth the commute.

Xavier Briand

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Toronto, ON
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