Thanksgiving weekend in the Bruce Pensinsula

A couple of friends (S and A), C and I spent this Thanksgiving long weekend in the Bruce Peninsula on the Georgian Bay shores.


Google Map of Hope Bay, Ontario

I was glad to discover that the cottage our friend rented was right on the Bruce trail. So, on Sunday morning, first thing first (so around 10am), A and I put on our running shoes and headed towards the northbound section of the trail.

From lake level to escarpment level, it's a good 60m of smooth trail.

Though when on the escarpment, it becomes a bit more technical.

The view is totally worth it.

15min in, time to turn back, the ladies are waiting for breakfast. Short scooting run for the afternoon hike.

In the afternoon, we took the same direction and went a bit farther and took a side trail to loop back to our starting point.

Most of the Bruce trail runs into private properties, which sometimes leads to interesting contraptions.

That how my bike must have felt, alone, in the garage.


People leaving hiking sticks at the trail head.


A quick drive to Lion's Head, ON.


As would our hostess say:

Where is Lion's Head? Nine feet from the tail.

On Thanksgiving day, I woke up earlier and headed on the southbound section of the trail.
This one was even more technical: after climbing a ladder and stairs, I eventually reached the escarpment and started to run on a path littered with stones, coming in all sizes. Good workout for the ankles.

It was a short but oh so beautiful introduction to the North section of the Bruce Trail.

Thanksgiving 2015: Bruce Peninsula

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